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Having a resilient mindset will empower you to cultivate unwavering determination and attune your physical being to thrive in every aspect of life.

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Let your mind, body and soul experience calm and clarity on your next steps.


Embrace wellness practices to boost mental strength and resilience for a fulfilling, balanced life.


Cultivate inner resilience and be able to identify your strengths that will unlock your mindset blockage.


Balance life with mindfulness and nurture self-awareness, focus, and emotional resilience.

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Self-care Mindfulness Boxes

Self-care & Mindfulness Boxes will meet your needs and support you along your wonderful Self-care journey.

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Parent-child Therapeutic Boxes

Therapeutic Activity Boxes are created by a licensed therapist to match the needs of each parent-child relationship.


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Have a Look at Our Mental Strength Consulting Services

Individual and Group Therapy

You deserve therapy sessions that leave you feeling heard, seen, and clear on your next steps. Check out our comprehensive services to support Your Mental Strength Journey.

Individual Therapy

Workshops, training and consultations are available for corporate companies on demand, assessments are available to explore your individual needs.

Connect with Stacy on REALTALK for individual therapy, and for more information.

Group Therapy

These groups will encourage the development of:

1) Empathy,

2) Healthy Communication skills,

3) Stress Reduction skills,

4) Clear and Reasonable Limit setting, expectations, and boundaries,

5) Accountability, and Ownership Practices,

6) Relationship Success Strategies and Affirmations &

7) Explore meanings and messages about being female …

Group 01.

Girls' Circle (Virtual/In-person Groups)

Girls’ Circle is a model of structured support groups for girls 9-18 years old. The group is designed to foster self-esteem, help girls maintain authentic connections with peers and adult women in their community. Each week a group of 6-10 girls of similar age and development meet with a facilitator for a couple of hours. The girls take time to talk, and listen to one another about their concerns and interests.

Group 02.

Mother-Daughter Circle

Join our 8-week group for mothers/caregivers and daughters. We meet once a week. We will use themes and activities relevant to the strengths and challenges in the mother-daughter relationship experience during the early adolescent and adolescent years.

Group 03.

Adult Women's Groups

Adult Women / Self-Worth groups are structured to encourage women to discover their self-worth, learn how to move through life’s challenges in the healthiest way possible. This group will build a community of support with topics including Self Awareness, PTSD, Anxiety, Infidelity and communication skills.

Stacy-Ann Bailey, a mental health therapist affiliated with Realtalk CT, offers valuable treatment services. Being the CEO of YourStrength LLC and a principal member of the HearUs coalition, Stacy-Ann possesses an impressive track record of over 15 years in working with youth and families. Her expertise lies in providing therapy to people and families encountering anxiety, depression, and trauma. Stacy-Ann's primary objective is to deliver top-notch treatment, enabling individuals and families to recognize and enhance their strengths. Stacy is licensed in NY, NJ, CT, and MD.
Stacy-Ann Bailey, LMSW
New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, & Maryland
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